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Panels, Suncatchers, Lamps, Windows, Boxes

Here are a few items I have or can make. If the picture files do not come up, try reloading the page. All prices are subject to change for no apparent reason whatsoever :). 

Yin Yang, 100 Dollars (US), 12 1/4"

Number Three, 75 Dollars (US), 7 1/2"

Bear Heart Suncatcher, 40 Dollars (US)

Butterfly Suncatcher, 35 Dollars (US)

Frog on Lilly Pad, 55 Dollars (US)

Lamp Shade (Base Extra), 350 Dollars (US)

Lamp Shade (Base extra), 350 Dollars (US)

Rose Suncatcher, 35 Dollars (US)

Tulip Suncatcher, 30 Dollars (US)

Yin Yang Window, 450 Dollars (US)

Angels, 35 Dollars (US)

Flying Frog, 45 Dollars (US)

Airplane, $45 Dollars (US)

Flag Heart, 50 Dollars (US)

Baby Bear, Custom, will quote price

Butterfly Window, 550 (US)

Go Huskers Panel, 125 Dollars (US)

Lighthouse with Seagull, 55 US

Frog Suncatcher 55 US

Lampshade, 350 Dollars (US)

Moon Bridge, 250 Dollars (US)

Worden Lamp CF18-7, 850 Dollars (US)

Worden Lamp CF18-7, 850 Dollars (US)

Turkey Panel, 150 Dollars (US)

Page Updated 01/14/19